Project Description

Hatha Yoga and Flow

Hatha: The name Hatha (the practice of physical postures) is made up of two components: “HA” meaning “sun,” the positive current in the body, and “THA” meaning “moon,” the negative current in the body. Hatha Yoga symbolizes the equilibrium between these two energies.

Yoga: The science of the right lifestyle, so it needs to be integrated into our daily lives. It affects all aspects of human existence, personality, from the physical, the vital, the mental, and the emotional to the spiritual.

Yoga Flow: Each pose flows into the next without stopping, and you feel energized for the rest of the day. Dynamic flowing exercises often cause changes in the body’s energetic functioning. The goal is not to increase muscle development or endurance, but to increase flexibility, speed up blood circulation, relax muscles and joints, dissolve energy blocks, and remove stagnant blood in blood vessels in different parts of the body. The dynamic Flow tone the skin and muscles, strengthen the lungs, stimulate the digestive and excretory systems.

Hatha Yoga and Flow sessions are usually morning sessions of 60-75 mins.

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