Verde Ola – Massage and Yoga

Who we are

‘Verde Ola’ means Green Wave, which is manifesting us.

One ‘Wave’ – Peter meeting with an other ‘Wave’ – Szilvia and become One with the ‘Sea’ – Universe and continuing to flow together.

Our ‘Roots’ – Origen are in Hungary

Our ‘Present’ – Life is flowing in Mallorca Island Spain.

Our ‘Mision’ is – Floting and Flowing uncondionotelly with each other and with others

What we do

We share with you experiences that we have lived and learned individually and together, based on the healing – heritage of different cultures. Hawaiian Lomilomi Temple Style Massage, based on the ‘Huna’ heritage of Polynesian culture.

We are both trained by Witold Stanislaw Kucharczyk – Integrated LomilomiCenter for Polynesian Healing Arts.


Traditional Ayurvedic Walking Massage & Tri-dosha balancing āsana series.

Teached for Szilvia at Shri Kali Ashram by Bhagavan Shri Shanmukha Anantha Natha & Shri Ma Kristina Baird. This a unique Shaiva-Shakta ashram focused on sharing and preserving the traditional spiritual science of Tantra Yoga. 

Hatha Yoga & Contact Yoga

We both learned at Sarasvati Yoga Foundation & Education Center with Aniko Kotroczo & Deepak Anthwal.

Aquatic Therapy – Water Healing

Liquid Roots by Ofer Rosenthal – Flydeeper Istitute.

We look forward to seeing you in our Massage & Yoga Base in Colonia de Saint Jordi, in your Hotel & Finca or we can also come to your home in Mallorca Island, Spain. Retreat & Festival service also available anywhere in the World, we are open to travel!


Press releases

Masajes con sal de es Trenc, la nueva sensación