Lomilomi Hawaiian Temple Style Massage

Lomilomi is an ancient Hawaiian healing work that has been used traditionally to support the physical body, the emotional state and reaching spiritual connections. Our aim is to reach the harmony of the body, the soul and the spirit, and to switch on the self-healing processes through the massage.

Lomilomi treats stress and tension effectively by letting go of the old patterns stored in the body. During the Hawaiian Temple style massage the therapist is the dancer and the recipient is the choreographer, so the dance will always be different. It is a full body massage in which the therapist works with unique, slow, flowing strokes made with his or her forearms and elbows.

The intimate body parts are covered with a towel. Polynesian music is played during the therapy and the heated coconut oil helps the massage flow. Lomilomi is a massage style that calms the mind with sensations perceiving in different parts of the body at the same time.

It communicates an acceptance and nurturing of the inner self. When a Lomilomi practitioner touches the body of a person, it is with total respect and love. Thus, another description for Lomilomi is “loving hands”-massage. According to the old kahunas (priests), being able to live the Spirit of Aloha was a way of sending and receiving positive energy, or living in harmony. In Hawaii, Aloha was and still is a way of living and treating each other with love and respect.

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