Project Description

Lomilomi Nui Treatment 120 minutes

A Brief History Of Lomi Lomi

‘Lomi Lomi’ is a Hawaiian word, translating to ‘soothe, rub or knead.’ it also signifies the sacred shift inspired by the healing kahuna. The word ‘kahuna’ comes from ‘huna’ which means ‘secret knowledge.’ The tradition of Lomi Lomi massage that we know today is derived from the spiritual traditions of pre-Polynesian Hawaiians who had inhabited the islands for thousands of years.

It encompasses Bodywork, Spirituality and energy work, plant medicine, prayer, and even martial arts. There are very few Kahuna elders who still carry the ancient knowledge of this tradition. Originally the practice was called ‘Ke Ala Hoku’ (Pathway to the Stars) and sessions lasted a minimum of 10 hours. These sessions were believed to bring the initiate into an expanded experience of the universe and more in alignment with themselves, their family, the environment and their community.

Kahuna practitioners would master their ability to work with the various access points of energy, spirit, light and information in their own bodies, allowing a pathway of transformation to open so that they could hold more space for others to heal themselves through the sacred exchange created by the practitioners work. Abraham Kawai’i revived this ancient knowledge in the last century and today a few teachers exist that still keep his “temple-style” Lomi Lomi massage alive.

Today, a Lomilomi Nui Session or “great massage session” often lasts 2-3 hours. If you need right now a ‘ timeless’ bodywork book a Lomilomi Nui for yourself by Péter ín our Studio.


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